About Canopy South Financial

About Us

Canopy South Financial (CSF) is a North Carolina-based private equity LLC that invests in a broad spectrum of real estate related projects and entities. 

CSF was established to pool capital from Accredited Investors into a single fund that invests in both commercial and residential projects and does so through both debt and equity financing. Additionally, CSF is well-positioned to acquire real estate related properties or projects for development under its own management and brand. The fund is maintained and managed by Canopy South Capital Management, LLC.

Historically, the majority of investments made by Management have been centered in Nashville and Middle Tennessee region, but current
investment parameters are not limited to a particular geographic region and we are open to considering any promising investment opportunities
throughout the United States.

Who We Work With

The CSF team enjoys working with skilled, knowledgeable, and responsible individuals and entities. We are committed to providing the highest levels of integrity and honesty and expect the same from those who do business with Canopy South.

We proudly work with investors, developers, and builders to help our borrowers and equity partners by establishing good working relationships based on trust, needs, values, and common goals. At CSF, mutual success, and fostering long-term working relationships, are important components of our goals and core values.

To achieve this, we work closely with borrowers, builders, and developers to ensure favorable outcomes. Our stakeholders are expected to have clear plans in place, well-defined goals and time horizons, and a commitment to excellence in all of their endeavors. 

Al Cocke, Founder and CEO

Al Cocke, Founder and CEO

Our Leadership 

Canopy South Financial is led by experienced real estate investor Al Cocke. Mr. Cocke has more than a decade’s experience in making sound real estate investments, and his background in law gives him valuable insight into all aspects of commercial and residential real estate investing and financing.

Throughout the course of his career in real estate, Mr. Cocke has been a developer, an investor, and a lender of private funds. This varied experience gives him a unique understanding of today’s real estate markets, and an insider’s knowledge of what investors and borrowers are experiencing.