Equity Investments

Canopy South Financial (CSF) works with developers, investors, and builders who are engaged in a wide variety of large-scale commercial and residential real estate development projects. Often, these projects -- which may include apartment complexes, multi-family and mixed-use developments, senior living facilities, medical offices, or student housing -- require complex financing solutions from a combination of investors and lenders.

Whether you’re a developer with a complete investment package in a private placement memorandum (PPM), a syndication seeking a private funding source for investment purposes (which may be used in conjunction with a commercial loan), or are looking for a single partner or investor who will take a substantial equity investment in a project in return for providing some or all of the capital needs, then CSF has the experience you’re looking for. 

In all equity investments, CSF looks not only at the nature, terms, and duration of the project, but also at the experience and knowledge of the developers and all persons or entities connected with the project. CSF also takes into consideration the amount of funding involved as well as the other investors and lending institutions involved in the transaction. 

Due to the complexity of equity investments, these transactions may take longer to analyze and underwrite. CSF recognizes that the risk levels may be higher, but that the returns can be significant. For that reason CSF, if it participates in these types of real estate development projects, expects impressive returns.